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Precision Laser Cutting and Screen Printing

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Laser Speed and Precision Provide Superior Results

    Lasers have truly revolutionized the processes of drilling, machining, scribing and post-processing materials of nearly every kind and shape. They concentrate high amounts of energy in small, well-defined areas (approximately .010” - .015” in diameter). This concentration of energy vaporizes materials in the affected area. The beam's energy is applied only where it is needed, minimizing the heat-affected zone surrounding the focus area and there is no contact with the substrate. This means that lasers, unlike traditional mechanical means, allow for less error, cleaner results, less start up and down time. Laser processing is very cost-effective and provides maximum flexibility to meet your needs. The speed and precision of laser processing provides many benefits, including:

• Very strict tolerances, + or - .001
• Cut and hole sizes and shapes are unlimited
• Minimal heat-affected zones
• Very fast processing speeds
• No tool wear and tear
• No contact with materials
• Clean processing
• Fast set-ups and modifications
• Identical results with every piece
• Lowered per piece costs
• Wide variety of possible materials
• Machine quality edges 
• Fast and effective for prototyping

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